Two Signs That A Home Has Outdated Electrical Wiring

If you are in the market for a new home, it is very easy to be bowled over by the beautiful design and decor of a well-made house.  However, what you really want to pay attention to are signs that a home that you are interested in has outdated electrical wiring.  This is important because there are approximately 28,600 electrical fires each year, with the property damage and losses costing $1.1 billion dollars.  Before you sign on the dotted line for a home that could pose a fire risk, use this information to learn more about the signs which indicate that a house may need new wiring.

The Outlets Only Have Two Prongs

One of the biggest indicators of a home with outdated wiring is that the outlets within the house only have two prongs.  The third prong on an outlet, which is typically round and situated directly beneath the two longer slots, serves as a ground.  It helps to reduce the risk of electric shocks which could harm a member of your family or cause an electrical fire.

If a home that you want to purchase does happen to have two-pronged outlets, you don't have to rule it out.  A qualified electrical contractor has the knowledge necessary to evaluate the condition of your wiring and determine if you simply need new outlet covers, or if the wiring is indeed outdated and needs to be replaced.

There Is A Fuse Box

Although a fuse box doesn't necessarily mean that you are going to have electrical problems, it does indicate that your home was built before circuit breakers became the norm.  Circuit breakers, which were invented in the 1960's, were designed to be able to handle a higher level of electrical voltage than fuse boxes.  Therefore, if you see a fuse box, it may mean that your electrical wiring needs to be updated right away.

Updating to a circuit breaker is important because you likely have a large number of electronics and appliances that you will need to power on a daily basis.  If your fuse box is unable to handle the voltage, it could overload and cause sparks to fly which lead to a fire.  

It's always a good idea to have an electrical contractor perform a thorough inspection of any home that you are looking to purchase.  If you notice any one of these signs, contact an electrician right away so you can receive professional advice that helps to protect you from harm.

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