The Health And Structural Dangers OfHaving Rodents In The Home

You've noticed rodent droppings and heard scurrying throughout your walls. And then you started having electrical problems. Your issues could be connected if you have rodents running through the walls of your home, chewing on electrical wires and other components.

The safety of everyone in the home has to be your top priority and concern. You'll want to call pest control professionals to have the following matters investigated, to make sure everyone at the home isn't in danger:

Airborne Illnesses and Health Concerns

Unfortunately, the rodents in your home are probably leaving urine and waste in the ducts, walls and other areas. Inhaling the urine and waste can lead to Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, along with other airborne illnesses. The rodents can also bring ticks inside the home which can cause lime disease, and fleas that may irritate pet or human skin.

Dangerous Interactions

A dangerous interaction with a rodent where a person or animal is bitten can lead to rabies or an infection, along with scarring. Scratching can lead to a bacterial infection, flesh wound, and permanent skin damage as well.

House Fires and Electrocution

Rodents have to chew to keep their teeth at a manageable size, and they may find your electrical wiring to be their knowing target. If you notice electrical problems while a rodent infestation is present, get an electrician to your home quickly.

Rodents have been suspected to cause house fires, and electrical damage can also cause electrocution. The electrician will inspect all of the wiring throughout the home with camera to make sure there aren't any major flaws that could be putting the home or occupants at risk, and to see where the rodents are targeting your electrical system. Have all damages repaired or replaced immediately.

The experts at a pest control company should be able to come get the rodents out of your home quickly, so you can start addressing the other safety concerns that are present in your space because of the rodents. Have a duct cleaning company come to remove any waste that rodents have left behind in the ventilation system, and consider having the house professionally cleaned.

There are a lot of dangers involved when you have rodents entering your home and marking their territory. Don't wait and try to get rid of the rodents on your own, and call for professional help to make your home safe again. Contact a company like Dunedin Electric Co., Inc. to learn more.