Clever Ideas To Camouflage And Conceal The Electrical Panel And Receptacles In Your Home

Nothing spoils the pristine look of a wall or the cohesive theme of a room than an electrical panel or receptacle. These are necessary evils, and the only real way to circumvent their appearance is to modify or camouflage them to meld with your space.

Some clever ways to dress up these fixtures in your home include:

Cover it with a decorative doormat.

A really inventive way to conceal your panel is with a simple doormat. These are frequently sold in ornate, scrolled styles, often made from a hard rubber material. Consider giving the doormat a spritz of spray-paint, and hang it vertically over the panel for a cool, regal accent in the space.

Turn it into a household chalk-board.

Paint the door to the electrical panel with chalk-board paint, usually sold in spray-paint varieties. Mount a small wire basket under the panel to hold chalk, and use this for a household memo board.

Recycle an old wooden shutter.

Mount an old wooden shutter over the panel, using hinges to attach it to the wall surrounding the receptacle.

Create an intriguing hinged door.

Find the most unusual door that you can in antique stores or salvage yards. Secure it with brass hinges and attach it to the wall surrounding the panel. This will be a truly unique focal point in the room.

Add a hinge and attach a mirror.

It is easy enough to cover the panel door with a picture frame or piece of hanging art, but you can make it a bit more distinctive by crafting your own artistic touch for this eyesore. Buy a piece of mirrored glass or paint plain panes with mirrored craft paint, and allow it to dry before placing this inside of an old picture frame. Mount to the panel door for a mirrored touch that is attractive and useful.

Design a clever rack for magazines or mail.

Craft or buy a wooden slatted rack, like you would use for magazines or mail. Attach this to the front of the panel door securely with magnets, brackets, or epoxy.

Camouflage the panel with stone or mosaic tile sheets.

There are some handy sheets found at home improvement stores that replicate a cool stone or tile facade, but that are in a flexible sheet, often with some sort of self-adhesive backing. This can be cut to fit the panel door to bring a rustic charm to the space.

Don't let an electrical panel or gawky receptacle ruin the looks of your space. Use one of these ideas to cleverly camouflage or conceal these fixtures, while still making them accessible and easy-to-get-to. Visit thrift stores and recycled building supply stores to find the accents that you need to make your electrical panel intro a striking feature and accent in the home.  

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