Keeping Your Electricity Bill Manageable During Summer Months

In the summertime, your electricity bill may be higher due to the use of cooling systems to keep your family comfortable during higher temperatures. If you have children, your bill may be higher because they are home instead of in school, as well. Here are some tips to use during the summer months to help keep your electric bill at a level you can afford.

Change Lighting Habits

Swap any incandescent light bulbs in your lamps for LED or fluorescent bulbs instead. Incandescent bulbs are no longer available to buy in stores. They use a lot more energy to illuminate than newer light bulb types. Use the lowest wattage necessary for your lamps. Put one or two lamps on a timer. This way they are not kept on during the day if you want them illuminated when you plan on getting home after dark. 

Cover Glass Panes

Glass windows allow your air conditioning to escape because the panes are porous. To keep your air inside, limit the amount of time the air conditioner will need to run to keep the temperature at a comfortable level. This can be done by covering windows with shrinkable thermal plastic. This can be bought in a hardware or home goods store in the window section. Apply it to the panes by peeling it from its backing and sticking in place. Heat with a hair dryer to shrink on the pane of glass. Close drapes and curtains to keep air in your home as well. These steps will keep the air conditioning from going on as often, saving you money on your electricity bill.

Limit Appliance Usage

In the summer, heat emitted from appliances cause your air conditioner to come on more often. Do your best to keep appliances off during hot weather. Instead, use them at night when temperatures are cooler. If you have an electrical plan where more is paid per kilowatt during peak hours, it is ideal to use your appliance during night hours anyway. 

Prepare Different Meals

When higher temperatures are prevalent, opt to make meals that do not require use of your stove, such as salads and sandwiches. Make meals outdoors using your grill and have barbecue-style dinners. If you do not have a grill, use your microwave or the burners on top of your stove instead of cooking food inside at higher temperatures. Taking these steps will help keep your home cooler, making the air conditioning come on less often, ultimately saving you money on your electric bill. For further assistance, contact a local electrician, such as Attaboy Electric Service LLC.