Recessed Lighting In Your Kitchen: How To Add More Light With So Little Space

Recessed lighting is often reserved for vaulted or cathedral ceilings, but there are ways to install recessed lighting in other rooms of your house. Electricians can put recessed lighting in your bathroom, especially if you would like a heat lamp right outside your shower or tub or more light in your shower. If you need more light in your kitchen, but you think that you do not have enough wall or ceiling space for bulkier lights, here is how an electrician will install recessed lighting to brighten up your kitchen.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

Just underneath your top set of kitchen cabinets you probably have a lot of unused space. (Even if you store kitchen gadgets on the counters, they are rarely so tall that they scrape the underside of your top cabinets.) This unused space is the perfect place to install more light, especially if you use the countertops for food preparation and the overhead light is not enough. In this case, the electrician would utilize fluorescent tube lighting or create a cabinet under the cabinets that could hold round recessed lights. The first option, fluorescent lighting, is easy enough to install under the bottom lips of cabinets because the tubes will barely be visible when the lights are off. The second option, the small cabinet under the cabinets, is more of a support system for additional light.

In-Cabinet Lighting

More often reserved for lighting curio cabinets and china hutches, the in-cabinet lighting can be installed in specific cupboards in your kitchen. It can help you see what is in your pantry cupboard or where your favorite spices are stored in your lazy susan. Your electrical contractor can even install separate switches inside the cabinets or near the cabinets with in-cabinet lighting so that you can easily flip the switch every time you need to rummage about in a certain cupboard.

Recessed Lighting Above the Kitchen Sink

Older homes relied on the overhead light to provide enough light to wash dishes by. You may find it too bothersome to wash dishes this way and want more light above the kitchen sink. Recessed lights or a single recessed light directly over the middle of the sink can provide you with exactly the right amount of light and they are easy enough for an electrician to install. He or she simply has to cut holes in the ceiling over the sink, run wires into the attic and then attach the wires from the attic to your lights before securing them to the ceiling. To find out more, speak with someone like JF Electrical Contractors, Inc.