Electrician Or DIY? Answers For Three Common Household Jobs

As a homeowner, part of the pride you feel often comes from successfully working on your home, including completing tasks that involve your home's electrical system. When it comes time to roll up your sleeves and get to work, it's always useful to take a moment to pause and consider whether you have the tools, skills and safety know-how to do the job properly -- or whether it's better to call an electrician to get the job done right. Some jobs around the home are suitable for the novice, provided he or she takes time to learn the correct step-by-step process, while others are best left for a professional. Here are three common jobs that you'll often encounter -- and an idea of whether to tackle each job yourself or seek help.

Updating Light Switches

If the light switches in your home no longer suit the look of the room -- perhaps they're old and the plastic has yellowed -- you can often handle this job yourself. The first step is to change the face plate to see if it provides the look you seek; this process is as simple as unscrewing the old plate and replacing it with a new one. If you've determined that you also have to change the switch, take some time to read about the process online. Cutting power to the area and systematically unscrewing the old switch and attaching the new one in its place is often easy to complete safely and successfully, provided you're careful about following proper instructions.

Installing Pot Lights

Pot lights can instantly add ambiance and class to any room, whether it's your kitchen or your bathroom. Even if you have some experience changing light fixtures in your home, the job of installing pot lights is best handled by an electrician. This job can be an uphill battle for a novice to handle alone, given that it involves running electrical wires through the ceiling and mounting the pot lights to ensure they're flush with the ceiling. Working overhead, in general, can be arduous, but this sort of job is simple for an experienced electrician to handle.

Changing a Ceiling Fan

Whether your existing ceiling fan has stopped working or is simply an eyesore and you want to replace it with something more visually appealing, it's better to arrange for an electrician to complete this job. While the process of attaching the fan is theoretically simple, it can be difficult to hold the weight of the fan while linking the wires together and preparing the ceiling mount. You won't regret seeking an electrical contractor's help for this job, which will be done safely and properly.