How To Change From T12 Incandescent Bulbs To T8 LED Bulbs In Your Work Shop

You can save a significant amount of money on your electrical bill by switching from traditional T12 incandescent bulbs to T8 LED bulbs to light your work shop. The T8 bulbs will produce more light than the T12 ones while consuming less energy. You need to change the ballasts and fittings on the light fixture in order to install the T8 bulbs in your existing light fixtures in the work shop. Here is how you can modify your light fixtures so they will accept T8 LED bulbs.

You Will Need:

  • T8 Ballasts
  • T8 Fixtures
  • New Lance Sockets

Turn Off Power

Make sure all power is turned off to the light fixture you are working on to avoid getting an electrical shock or injury.

Remove T12 Assembly

Remove the cover over the lightbulbs.

Twist the T12 bulbs and remove them from the lance sockets. Place the bulbs in a sealed container so they can be taken to a recycling facility.

Remove the cover to the ballasts. The cover runs down the middle of the light fixture between the bulbs. The cover is held on with clips that slide into the base of the light fixture. Squeeze the cover in at the connection points to slide the clips out of the frame.

There are usually two ballasts for each T12 light fixture. Cut the wires going to the ballasts (the old wires won't be used again). Unscrew the ballasts from the light fixture and place them in a recycling box.

Remove the lance sockets for the T12 bulbs on both ends of the fixture. The sockets are all connected to a plate. Pry the plate loose with a screwdriver and remove the plate from the fixture.

Rebuilding Light Fixture

Once you have cleared everything off of the light fixture, it's time to put it back together.

Take your new T8 lance socket assemblies and clip them into place on both ends of the light fixture.

You only need one T8 ballast to replace the two T12 ballasts. Screw the new T8 ballast into one of the spots vacated by an old T12 ballasts.

Run the wires from the lance sockets to the ballast. Connect the wires to the ballast. Make sure you review the mounting instructions for the ballast you bought to determine how to reconnect the wires properly.

Place the ballast cover back onto the light fixture, and put the new T8 bulbs into the lance sockets.

Close the cover to the bulbs and turn the power back on to the light fixture.

Turn the lights on to make sure everything works well to finish the job.

To learn more, contact a commercial electrician or company like SDS Electric