How To Tell If The Wiring In Your House Has Been Overheating

Do the light bulbs in your house blow out right after they are installed inside of light fixtures? The root cause of the bulbs blowing out might be that your home has faulty wiring that has been overheating without your knowledge. Take a look at this article to find out about a few of the signs of faulty wires so you can make sure prompt repairs are made be an electrician.

Appliances Always Feel Hot

If the appliances in your house are always hot when they are not being used, it is a sign of a serious electrical problem. Even if you have appliances that are always plugged into an electrical outlet, you should not feel a lot of heat when they are touched. It is possible that some of the wires in your wall have short circuited and have been overheating. You might find that the power cords to the hot appliances are discolored or melted if the wall wires have been getting hot. You must get the problem fixed by an electrician without delay if you don't want to end up in a house fire.

An Unknown Burning Odor That Lingers

If there is a burning in your house that you can't pinpoint, you might be dealing with faulty wiring. The odor can stem from a single area of your house, or it can be the result of all of the wiring in your house being faulty. Even if you have not noticed any of your light fixtures or electrical appliance malfunctioning, it is important to get your house inspected. A burning odor that is the result of overheated wires often leads to a fire sparking up shortly after. It is possible that an electrician will have to install all new wiring, especially if your house is old.

Outlet Covers Are Melted

It is in your best interest to walk around your house and observe the outlet covers for signs of overheated wires. You might notice that the outlet covers are partially melted if there are faulty wires in the walls. However, if you don't see signs of melting, it doesn't mean that the wires are not overheating. You should also observe the covers for a change in color, as they can become darker when there is heat in the wall. Find an electrician so you can make an appointment for your house to be inspected in case there are faulty wires.

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