3 Types Of Establishments Often On The Lookout For Long-Term Electrical Contractors

Once you have completed training and received your electrician license, you should have no shortage of work opportunities. A lot of electricians do find work in-house with certain companies, but most work as contractors, which means they take jobs on a case-by-case or contract basis. Even taking contracted jobs that are temporary can keep you busy as an electrician because there are so many available in just about any location. Check out some of the establishments that are often on the lookout for long-term electrical contractors who they can call in when they need your expertise. 

Industrial Facilities

Industrial facilities usually have a long-term working relationship with electrical contractors because they have an ongoing need for electrical maintenance with all of their machinery and equipment. It is not uncommon for some industrial facilities to bring in someone full-time to serve as the in-house electrical maintenance supervisor because the need is ongoing. However, when there are extra tasks that need attention, they do need extra contractors on call to come in and help with repairs or certain situations with the electrical fixtures, components, and equipment in the building. 


Warehousing businesses have one thing in common in most cases: they all have miles of conveyor systems, transport equipment, and pallet handling machines that are electrically operated. To keep things running smoothly inside of a warehouse, there is a constant need for electrical attention from people trained to do the job. Therefore, warehouses will often bring in contractors for assistance with specific things. 

Construction Companies

Construction companies that are hired for various construction projects by clients have a great need for electricians in the field. This means it is not uncommon for these companies to build a massive list of electrical contractors they can bring in for certain projects and at different points during construction endeavors. The largest construction companies will sometimes contract with numerous electricians who specialize in different aspects of the industry, whether it is electricians who focus on engineering, residential wiring, or otherwise. 

In the end, being a licensed electrician opens up doors to all kinds of employment opportunities, especially if you are an individual contractor who is looking for more temporary work to fill in the gaps between your own projects. You could also land a long-term contracting relationship with a company that needs your help quite often. Check out local job listings to find electrical contractor job postings in your area.