Why Are The Lights In Your Home Flickering?

If you have just recently started to notice that the lights in your home are flickering, you will want to figure out what the cause might be so the issue can't be fixed as soon as possible. Some causes of flickering lights can be easy fixes and nothing dangerous. On the other hand, there are some causes of light flickering that can be very serious and that will require the immediate assistance of a licensed electrician. To help you determine what may be going on with your malfunctioning lights, you will want to continue reading.

The Bulbs Are Coming Loose 

Even though you might have tightened the bulbs when you put them in the light fixture, they can start to loosen up, especially if there is a lot of vibration in your home. For example, if the room directly above you is the kids' room, where they run and bounce all over the place, the light fixture below them can vibrate a lot. It might take a while, but the bulbs in the fixture can slowly turn until they get to the point where they are barely keeping a connection with the light fixture. This will cause some flickering of the lights.

There's A Problem With The Main Electrical Line

If it is not just one room in your home that has lights that flicker, but instead all of the lights in your home are flickering, you might be dealing with a much more serious issue. It is unlikely that the problem is the bulbs or the fixtures, but rather with the main electrical line. It could be on the outside of your home, as there is a line that comes from the pole to your home. Then again, it could be that there is a problem with the main circuit breaker in your electrical panel box. This is not an issue that you want to try to resolve on your own, as there are many dangers involved. Instead, you will want to call to set up an emergency appointment with an electrician.

Should you find that you have a serious electrical problem or are simply unable to figure out what the cause of the light flickering is, you will want to get in touch with a licensed electrician. You can set up an appointment with an electrician just so they can examine the situation and provide you with details regarding what the problem is.