Recessed Lighting In Your Kitchen: How To Add More Light With So Little Space

Recessed lighting is often reserved for vaulted or cathedral ceilings, but there are ways to install recessed lighting in other rooms of your house. Electricians can put recessed lighting in your bathroom, especially if you would like a heat lamp right outside your shower or tub or more light in your shower. If you need more light in your kitchen, but you think that you do not have enough wall or ceiling space for bulkier lights, here is how an electrician will install recessed lighting to brighten up your kitchen. Read More 

Keeping Your Electricity Bill Manageable During Summer Months

In the summertime, your electricity bill may be higher due to the use of cooling systems to keep your family comfortable during higher temperatures. If you have children, your bill may be higher because they are home instead of in school, as well. Here are some tips to use during the summer months to help keep your electric bill at a level you can afford. Change Lighting Habits Swap any incandescent light bulbs in your lamps for LED or fluorescent bulbs instead. Read More 

Clever Ideas To Camouflage And Conceal The Electrical Panel And Receptacles In Your Home

Nothing spoils the pristine look of a wall or the cohesive theme of a room than an electrical panel or receptacle. These are necessary evils, and the only real way to circumvent their appearance is to modify or camouflage them to meld with your space. Some clever ways to dress up these fixtures in your home include: Cover it with a decorative doormat. A really inventive way to conceal your panel is with a simple doormat. Read More 

Ensuring Your Generator Is Ready When You Need It

Regardless of what you use your generator for, making sure that it's in the best possible condition when you need it requires regular maintenance and proper servicing between uses. In addition, making sure that you're performing basic maintenance during operation will ensure you get the longest possible life out of your generator, whether it's just for use powering tools and campsites, or if you rely on it for power during severe weather conditions. Read More 

The Health And Structural Dangers OfHaving Rodents In The Home

You've noticed rodent droppings and heard scurrying throughout your walls. And then you started having electrical problems. Your issues could be connected if you have rodents running through the walls of your home, chewing on electrical wires and other components. The safety of everyone in the home has to be your top priority and concern. You'll want to call pest control professionals to have the following matters investigated, to make sure everyone at the home isn't in danger: Read More